此博客基于我本周在#FOAM上发表的演讲。 国际急诊医学会议 在开普敦。很高兴能有机会在会议的最后一天发表有关我自己的话题的演讲 我2013年在悉尼做的第一批SMACC会谈之一. That talk was about how the use of 社交媒体 was subverting the traditional approach 至 education 和 how a number of 要么ganisations were starting 至 fight back.

Although 我觉得 talk is still largely valid, in the last couple of years I do believe that we are seeing a greater integration of 社交媒体 platforms into traditional medical education programs 和 although it’s patchy I think there are examples of great practice out there 和 it’s worth sharing those ideas.

也值得一读 excellent paper in the EMJ by Damian Roland 和 Victoria Brazil 上 10 ways 至 reconcile 社交媒体 with traditional medical education. 的re are some great tips in there 和 I’d strongly recommend it as a read.


如果你 are visiting 圣艾琳s 那么我无疑会熟悉#FOAMed的概念。有一些 great links over at 快车道中的生活 if you want a refresher 和 history course, but in essence #泡沫 is medical education delivered via 社交媒体 platforms. 的se are free, open 和 accessible 至 all. It’s altruistic, international, broadly based 和 encompasses a range of different media including blogs, 播客s 和 twitter (amongst many others). It’s accessibility 和 wide reach have caused 传统主义者开始担心学员会使用它。



的se barriers no longer exist. 的 #泡沫 world is not chronologically constrained, 和 (at least for the consumer) it is free at the point of access.

截图2016-04-18 14.42.10

现在有许多研究表明 junior doctors 和 medical students are using 社交媒体 sources 至 supplement 和 enhance their education. 但是,相同的研究似乎表明他们的老师没有达到相同的程度。这就提出了有趣的问题:




I suspect so. 的 studies allude 至 this, 和 anecdotally students 和 learners tell me that they seek out #泡沫 based learning that is accessible 和 engaging 至 supplement 要么 replace their traditional courses.

的 simple fact is that many learners are now utilising web based resources 至 enhance, supplement 和 in some cases replace their traditional learning materials. We also know that tutors are 至 some extent oblivious 至 this.



We could rebel. We could try 至 restrict 和 warn our learners about the dangers of the internet 和 of the #泡沫 movement. I’ve seen this done in many ways, but perhaps the most common 上e is the ‘you might learn something different from the exam, it’s safer 至 stick with the course textbook’.

Now there is some truth in this. 的re are real risks that the pace of change 和 what Ken Milne 和 colleagues over at the SGEM call ‘knowledge translation’ don’t change at the same rate between exams 和 new knowledge. It is possible that students might be ‘at risk’ if they believe what they read 上 the internet.



这当然很荒谬。这将类似于数字 国王峡谷 attempting 至 hold back a tide of web enabled media. 的 Genie is out of the bottle, as readily accessible information is here, 和 is clearly here 至 stay. A nihilistic approach is bound 至 fail 和 so the wise educator must learn 至 work with 和 not against the #泡沫 world. It is thus better 至 think of #泡沫 as an opportunity 至 enhance education.


截图2016-04-18 11.59.54



Much has been made of #泡沫 as a new movement in medical education, that it is an innovation 和 a new way of learning. I would argue that this is a fallacy, as there are clear parallels between traditional 和 new media.




Hangouts 和 contemporaneous chats are tutorials 和 workshops.

截图2016-04-18 12.15.32



This is a huge 至pic 和 is possibly a book in its own right, but for now we will focus 上 those that are easily achievable 和 accessible by an interested 和 innovative educator. We’re going 至 talk about 4 methods that we have successfully used.

  1. 直接纳入课程。
  2. 基于问题的学习
  3. 教室翻转
  4. #泡沫处方


#泡沫 resources can be directly incorporated into teaching courses as reusable learning objects (RLOs). 的 nature of #泡沫 based media is that it produced 和 then archived 上 a web based platform. This, unlike a traditional model of learning, allows it 至 be accessed in a chronologically 和 geographically dispersed fashion.

截图2016-04-18 12.31.53

在维尔切斯特,我们已经将很多教育转移到了在线环境中。我们使用 Moodle平台 至 help our learners navigate a mix of traditional 和 web based learning. As you can see from the screenshot here 上 shortness of breath, learners are directed 至 a variety of resources that we have either created ourselves, 要么 that we have linked 至 from other sources. We clearly identify core materials, but also offer higher level learning for those who are interested.


如果你’有兴趣的话你可以 阅读更多我们过去的论文之一。 您还可以看到我们如何分类 我们针对英国课程的#FOAMed内容. This helps learners 和 educators 至 find the right resurce for the type 和 grade of learner.


现在许多医学课程都在使用 PBL 作为成人学习的典范。如果您不熟悉 PBL 然后查看此博客末尾的资源。简而言之,向学习者介绍一个案例,然后他们围绕案例进行集思广益,然后他们寻求我们的证据并进行评估,然后再将其带回小组,以便所有人都能学习。原则上的优势在于,学习集中在学习者认为自己的学习需求上。虽然在本科级别最广为人知,但在研究生级别它更有利,因为更多的高级临床医生可以更轻松地确定他们想深入研究的领域。

关键要素 PBL 学习周期是学习材料的识别和共享。 #FOAM格式的资源以及更多传统资源通常以这种方式使用。例如,以患有严重哮喘的患者为基础的PBL病例可能会导致学习小组研究处理此类患者的先进方法。虽然搜索和共享准则和论文有明显的好处,但可以通过更具争议性的#FOAM资料(例如,由Podcast制作的Podcast)增强学习 斯科特·温加特 要么 安迪·尼尔. 的se explore the management of the very seriously ill patient in an engaging 和 narrative way that is lacking with traditional sources. 的y cannot replace traditional knowledge, but they can enhance it, encouraging learners 至 challenge 和 reflect 上 the strength of evidence they find.

In Virchester we use this PBL approach for senior trainees in emergency medicine. 的 dissemination, discussion 和 critique of all resources, including #泡沫 is a key aspect of the learning cycle.


翻转的教室在别处有很好的描述。从本质上讲,该模型认识到面对面的教学时间是讨论,澄清和辩论新知识的最佳机会。在传统的模型中,大部分时间都花在传授知识上,而在会议结束时只有很短的时间问问题并让学习者重塑和采用新的知识。在翻转的课堂模型中,教育者在面对面会议之前释放知识传递方面,从而为那些 截图2016-04-18 11.22.30需要人际互动。例如在 APLS课程 much of the knowledge based learning now takes place through e-learning in advance of the face 至 face components of the course. When candidates do interact with educators it features interactive workshops, 模拟 和 discussion. Time spent sitting in rows 和 listening 至 lectures as a group is minimised 和 the face 至 face time’s potential is maximized.


一个的概念 #泡沫处方来自David Sackett的想法. With colleagues he developed the idea of an educational prescription where a clinical question is generated by a learner during normal clinical practice. In the educational prescription model the learner is tasked 至 go off 和 find additional evidence 至 then bring back 和 discuss with the educator. A #泡沫 prescription works in a similar way.

我在临床情况下会与同事讨论病例时使用此方法。在这种互动中,我和所有教育者一样,试图通过讨论和辩论来传授一些知识。但是,我们知道很难记住所有所说和讨论的内容。 #泡沫处方是从教育者到与学习对话链接的在线资源的指导。学习者的任务是收听播客或阅读博客,然后在下一次机会进行讨论。

#根据处方泡沫Again, the emphasis is not simply 至 accept what is accessed via #泡沫, but 至 use the resource as a springboard for further debate 和 discussion.

Unlike other techniques, the #泡沫 prescription often equires the educator 至 have a good working knowledge of appropriate resources 和 likely links. In practice this is not that difficult 和 if an aide memoire is required a quick google search by the educator can serve as a timely reminder.

完成时我也使用这种技术 基于工作安排的评估(WPBA)。大多数电子意见书都要求提出一些想法,以供将来学习。同样,#FOAMed是学习者可以导航到的可访问资源之一。


Educators must understand that learners are using #泡沫. If that’s true then it is incumbent 上 them 至 be aware of what resources are being used 和 how. Being open 至 the use of #泡沫 is important. Better still is 至 identify 和 utilize #泡沫 resources in the ways described above.


Whilst it is advantageous for educators 至 signpost known resources I would argue that it is more important for them 至 instill 批判性评价 skills in learners, 至 encourage them 至 be skeptical 和 questioning of all resources they encounter, #泡沫 included. It is a move for the educator 至 change from being the “舞台上的圣人”“侧面向导” 要么 as Rob Rogers 和 colleagues 上 the teaching course have described, for the educator 至 become the ‘学习编舞’, directing, developing 和 encouraging the learner, but ultimately it is their performance that is judged.

教育工作者也可能发现自己被判断是否符合互联网来源的理想。 #泡沫可以广泛共享高质量的内容,学习者现在知道一场精彩的演讲是什么样的,出色的幻灯片如何增强演示效果,以及性能和娱乐性如何促进学习。这可能会提高和改变学习者之间的期望,而教育者可能会觉得有必要对这些期望做出回应并做出改变。构成优秀教育者的标准正在全球范围内设定。

Educators may increasingly be encouraged 至 participate in the delivery of 上line content in the form of recordings 要么 上line resources. Note this is distinct from the technical aspects of #泡沫 creation which is not a requirement for all. An understanding of how 至 teach in an 上line setting is required though. 媒体改变了任何教育干预的影响 it is communicated through (see blog 上 Marshal McLuhan 和 Medutainment), 和 this is clear with #泡沫 which in general has a more accessible, relaxed 和 intimate style. Many traditional lectures do not translate well 至 an 上line passive format if there is an expectation that learners will sit 和 listen attentively. 的re are exceptions of course, TED风格 (要么 SMACC style) talks translate well as they have embraced good design, stories 和 performance. It is apparent 至 me that not all educators easily translate their work from traditional 至 #泡沫 type platforms.


像教育工作者一样的学习者也面临着大量可用资源的挑战。 “从火喉中喝酒”一词’ is pertinent 和 is a problem that we all face. Learners need skills in 批判性评价 of #泡沫 based resources 至gether with ability 至 search wisely 和 succinctly.

始终不清楚在线资源的目标级别。许多博客和播客的强项之一就是它们挑战教条并突破已知或已达成共识的界限。如果您是一位经验丰富的临床医生,那么这显然很不错,但可能会使更多的初学者感到困惑,他们可能因此对其核心课程提出疑问。学习者需要能够理解#FOAMed内容的目标,以及根据其核心教学方法如何处理新数据或有争议的数据。没有人会因为关注博客/播客而导致考试不及格,而却以牺牲他们的核心知识为代价。有人可能会争辩说,这是#FOAMed生产者的责任,许多人确实对此进行了标语(例如在St.Emlyn's,我们链接到课程的不同部分), but in reality it is difficult 至 do 和 learners will always be required 至 do this for themselves. Clearly these skills can be developed 和 supported by educators who understand 社交媒体.

我们还应该认识到#FOAMed在扩大其他临床人群对资源的访问方面所做的工作。随着知识的获取变得越来越容易,护士,护理人员,学生和其他临床专业人士正在同一数字空间中进行聆听,参与和创造。这真是令人兴奋,因为以前不同群体之间都存在障碍‘controlling’知识正在被分解。 #泡沫的学习者现在已经远远超出了最初的目标受众。




It’s highly unlikely that #泡沫 learning is going 至 disappear. Rather we will increasingly face problems of volume, quality 和 legacy as current resources (most of which are less than 4 years old) begin 至 age 和 suffer from the same difficulties of more traditional media.

Educators will need 至 maintain an awareness of how their students are learning 和 how they can support them in navigating the new media.

的 future is really exciting 和 whilst #泡沫 will hopefully speed knowledge translation in an altruistic 和 egalitarian fashion there will always remain a need for high quality educators.

Our learners of 至day (of every grade) are arguably incredibly lucky. 的 ability 至 access, tailor 和 consume learning at a time 和 place that suits them is remarkable. It’s changing the way we learn, 和 thus it’改变了我们的教学方式。


#泡沫 is a medium rather than an entirely novel system. It arguably integrates 和 reflects well with many elements of traditional clinical teaching methods. However, there are now differences in the re-usability, post publication review 和 accessibility that the medium supports.

的 educators of the future will have many of the same attributes that they always had, it’s just that they will be skilled in the medium of the moment, 和 that is already manifest as #泡沫.

的 modern educator (and the educated) will need 至 develop skills in understanding the strengths 和 weaknesses of the new media. Those that do will thrive. Those that don’t will not die, but they may wither away, failing 至 reach a their potential for for self actualisation 和 transedence.


引用本文为:Simon Carley,“如何将#FOAMed集成到#MedEd”中, 圣艾琳's,2016年4月22日, //www.shanbao-china.com/and-not-or-how-to-integrate-foamed-into-meded/.

由西蒙·卡利(Simon Carley)发布

西蒙·卡利 MB ChB,PGDip,DipIMC(RCS Ed),FRCS(Ed)(1998),FHEA,FAcadMed,FRCEM,MPhil,MD,PhD教授是创建者,网站管理员,所有者以及St Emlyn博客和播客的总编辑。他是曼彻斯特城市大学的急诊医学教授,也是曼彻斯特基金会信托基金的成人和儿科急诊医学顾问。他是BestBets,St.Emlyns和曼彻斯特城市大学急诊医学理学硕士的共同创始人。他是全美医学理事会的教育助理,也是《急诊医学杂志》的副编辑。他的研究兴趣包括诊断,MedEd,重大事件&循证急诊医学。他在推特上被验证为@EMManchester

  1. 德里克·路易(Derek Louey) 2016年4月22日上午7:01

    “The point is that learning is about outcomes 和 not the journey”



    1. 是的,我只是认为是。




      1. 德里克·路易(Derek Louey) 2016年4月22日上午9:07


  2. […] post如何将#FOAMed集成到#MedEd中,首先出现在[…]


  3. 德里克·路易(Derek Louey) 2016年4月22日上午9:41




    1. 我觉得’s非常正确,但这并不意味着有些人没有上当!在ICEM会议上,有人说他们建议受训人员避免#FOAM占用的资源,因为这会使学习者感到困惑。

      我也同意你的想法– it ’总是这样。



      1. 德里克·路易(Derek Louey) 2016年4月24日下午1:52


  4. 非常感谢Simon非常有见地的帖子。一世’我对你的印象特别深刻’我们使用Moodle整合了传统的学习模式和FOAMed。一世’ve建议多伦多大学的计划主管考虑使用此平台。我完全同意FOAMed是传统课程的绝佳补充,而不是替代课程,我’我将在加拿大发表有关这种影响的演讲’几周内最大的EM会议急诊医学更新。
    唯一的不 ’和我坐在一起是播客和音频讲座之间的相似之处。当然,它们是相似的,因为它们都是基于音频的,但这就是相似性结束的地方。我认为播客是与音频讲座截然不同的媒介,通常包含多种声音、,、叮当声,编辑和制作,旨在满足‘on the go’听。正如您稍后在本​​博客中指出的那样“媒体改变了任何教育干预的影响”,而且我认为我们对教育者和学习者的认识越多,我们就越好’能够进行教育/学习。多模式学习就是它的地方’s at!
    Keep up the great work man 和 good luck with your talk!


    1. 德里克·路易(Derek Louey) 2016年4月23日,上午3:19

      发泡 authors have recognised 和 capitalised 上 how learning can be optimised using the Internet medium.

      1) Brevity 和 variety during learning episodes (to reinforce key messages 和 enhance audience attention)
      2)创建一个大‘实践社区’ where information can be shared 和 contextualised by different people in different settings (connectivism)
      3) Establishing connections with related concepts through web-links, search 好玩ctions 和 contemporaneous references (constructivist learning, connectionism)

      Although the Internet facilitates some of these educational principles, they can be also applied 至 other contexts. For instance SMACC was an early adopter of this format of which I am now seeing copied in other conference settings. Medical schools 和 local training programmes can also take advantage of these approaches with the content modified for their particular needs.


    2. 嗨安东,

      我觉得’s a fair comment about the 播客s changing through the media 和 that’这当然是我们的一点’我做了很多次。

      In context this talk was aimed at de-escalating the concern that some traditionalists have 和 thus I was using it as a 至ol 至 link the past with the new.

      On reflection 我觉得 point could have been made better.



  5. […]西蒙卡利(St. Emlyn)’s:如何将#FOAMed合并到#MedEd […]


  6. 很棒的帖子,谢谢。在布朗大学(Brown University)的EM住院医师学院,我每周举办一次在线课程,我们称之为“Asynchrony”(用于异步学习),听起来与您的课​​程相似’我要继续做Moodle。我用帆布,棕色’的在线学习管理系统。我每周都会为临床内容课程模块发布一个主题模块’重新访问,带有指向#FOAMed资源的链接,居民可以通过EMRA访问的付费资源,以及通过Brown在线获得的全文文章’s电子图书馆。居民通过他们进行工作,在讨论区中发帖,并进行10个问题的测验,如果通过,将获得一小时的教学积分。 Canvas将所有内容记录下来,并记录他们的分数以及遗漏了哪些特定问题(更容易解决缺陷等)。

    居民反馈非常积极— but their participation is optional. Just as we see in the #泡沫 world in general, I have a cadre of very some involved residents, 和 many who eschew it entirely.

    所以我完全同意’s ‘and’ not ‘or’. We’d从来没有一个居民罗森’s 和 say, “off you go!”#FOAMed也不应该那样。这些资源都不应该存在于真空中。教育工作者应该熟悉其包装盒中的所有工具— 和 digital resources are evolving into a very, very useful 至ol — but we’必须在包装盒中的所有内容上都非常方便。


    1. 德里克·路易(Derek Louey) 2016年4月24日上午12:25

      对于我们的受训人员,我们将在线资源与我们的正式培训课程结合使用, “flipped classroom .approach. We have created a trainee website which revolves around a clinical case. Included are a set of questions 至 be divided up by trainees of various levels. 的y include basic biomedical sciences, the clinical approach 至 the problem 和 controversies.

      An example would be the physiology of work of breathing, the approach 至 the patient in 呼吸的 failure 和 the current evidence of NIV.

      的 aim is 至 draw all the related threads of the biomedical 和 clinical sciences into a coherent understanding of the 至pic 和 its clinical application.

      的y are able 至 use whatever resources required 至 answer the questions. 的se are presented over structured two hour period. In their brief 10-15 min presentation, each trainee is encouraged 至 create an engaging 和 interactive summary that stimulates discussion 和 questions. 的 session is moderated by a consultant 至 help tie the information 至gether.

      的 additional impact of this is 至 create a whole generation of capable scholars 和 educators.


      1. 德里克·路易(Derek Louey) 2016年4月24日下午1:36


      2. Yes, the vignettes may be challenging, but if you record, collate 和 curate them they can be used again, 和 again (the concept of reusable learning objects).



    2. 谢谢吉塔

      的 issue of engagement is interesting 和 is something we have noticed 至o. We’ve mulled it over a few times 和 have a few observations/

      1.当有一个或两个发烧友时,小组表现最佳。这些‘peer facilitators’ as they are known motivate the group through their enthusiasm 和 bring everyone up in terms of activity 和 engagement.
      3.污染是部门学习的有力工具。 hange练习你不要’不需要每个人都参与‘enough’ 和 ideally those with peer 要么 power influence 至 engage. Whilst the learning can take place 上 line, change takes place as it translates into the workplace through role modelling, teaching 和 demonstration.





      1. “网络空间的沉默真的很安静。”非常真实,西蒙!

        很多居民确实告诉我,他们每周都会检查内容,但是不要’t在讨论板上互动或参加测验(这是学分所必需的。)它们等同于社交媒体‘lurkers’。但是他们的沉默震耳欲聋—至少当您现场演讲时,您可以看到他们的目光!它’在这种新媒体中要有所适应(因为老师也喜欢验证。)’就像居民在我们的教学博客上发帖时的感觉一样— if there aren’任何意见或喜欢’令他们不满意(但是当我告诉他们帖子拥有多少网页浏览量或共享时,他们’他们投入其中的工作更加开心。)

        除非有’课堂互动与现场互动相反,看来我们可以’t draw out the 潜伏者, 要么 find out how much they’我离开了任务(除非我们强制参加。)我发现德里克’关于他们在机构所做的工作的描述非常有趣,“contamination”影响。但是,毫无疑问,如果更多的居民完全参与这项任务,知识翻译的速度就会更快。

        哪个提出了一个有趣的问题:#FOAMed是否需要在某个时候与学习者/潜伏者进行实时互动才能成为有效的教学工具?在整合它的机构中,它是强制性的吗? (目前我们的课程都不是。)


      2. 德里克·路易(Derek Louey) 2016年4月24日下午1:30

        “To change practice you don’不需要每个人都参与‘enough’ 和 ideally those with peer 要么 power influence 至 engage. ”


        Are you using 发泡 as a change management 至ol 要么 至 create uniformity in practice? That is a very behaviourist approach 至 learning. 如果你 want 至 do that in a department, just write a protocol 和 issue a dictum for everyone 至 follow it.

      3. 与变更管理相比,#FOAM并不是很多,但可以肯定的是,我们受防火墙保护的部门讨论板是进行变更的强大工具。实际上是’s 上e of the most effective methods of communicating 和 discussing new 和 interesting ideas with the whole team.

        问问自己整个部门上一次在同一地点,何时同时面对面。如果你 ’像我们一样的东西我怀疑答案是‘never’.

        Cyberspace is an alternative comms method for a chronologically 和 geographically distributed workforce.



      4. 德里克·路易(Derek Louey) 2016年4月24日,下午1:42

        “Unless there’课堂互动与现场互动相反,看来我们可以’t draw out the 潜伏者, 要么 find out how much they’ve taken away from the assignment”



        的 best we can do is offer them as many attractive 和 valid options that may be able 至 fit into their current level of learning 和 understanding.

  7. 娜塔莉·拉菲蒂(Natalie Lafferty) 2016年4月27日晚上10:14

    超级块西蒙,我’将与我的下一批SSC学生分享。将#FOAMed纳入#MedEd的另一种方法是让学生参与创建#FOAMed。正如弗兰克·奥本海默(Frank Oppenheimer)所说,最好的学习方法是教书– 上 our Doctor as Digital Teacher SSC students create #泡沫 resources 和 have them peer reviewed by 上e of our consultants. Here’s an example


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